Sunday, March 19, 2017

Shocking► Traffic Enforcer Hit By A Car, Almost Run Over By A Truck!

It was a really bad day for this traffic enforcer who was busy controlling traffic when a car suddenly hit him. His tragic accident did not end there as an approaching truck almost ran over him as well.

In this report by GMA News’ Vonne Aquino, CCTV footage showed how a traffic enforcer was knocked down by two vehicles in one tragic accident. The footage was captured on Friday, March 17. 

The traffic enforcer was identified as Domingo Caraan.

While Caraan was busy controlling the traffic at JP Rizal St., a car suddenly came rushing in and hit him. Caraan was standing in the middle of the intersection. A man named Dennis Jose Galang was reportedly driving the errant vehicle.

Caraan lost his balance and fell to the ground after the impact. His tragic experience did not end there as an approaching cement mixer truck almost hit him as well. 

Fortunately, the truck driver - identified as Rolando Camus - was able to hit the brakes before completely crashing into Caraan’s body.

The barangay’s rescue team immediately gave Caraan first aid. Afterwards, he was rushed to the nearest hospital for more intensive medical attention.

The officials who responded to the accident reported that Galang initially denied the incident and insisted that he was not the one at fault. However, he then admitted what happened upon seeing the CCTV footage

Both the car driver and the truck driver were taken to Makati Police Traffic Unit for further investigation

Caraan’s relatives claimed that he sustained several injuries including bone fractures and head injuries due to the impact of the crash. Galang then promised to provide financial aid to Caraan’s family for his medical expenses. 

Caraan’s family is still determining whether or not to press charges against Galang

Meanwhile, Galang’s family has refused to give out any statements.

Watch the full report here:


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