Saturday, March 4, 2017

SURVEY ► “Shabu” other confiscated illegal drugs to be burn in public?

Payag Ka bang Sunugin ang mga Nakompisca na SHABU para di na maibinta sa Publiko???

To gain the public trust and to prove that there will be no corruption especially in fighting illegal drugs under Duterte administration, the supporters of Rody Duterte is expecting that they finally see illegal drugs to be burn in public.
“Many corrupt officials are selling confiscated illegal drugs to other people, that is one of the reason why we want to see a freshly confiscated shabu to be burn in public” One of the supporter of President Elect Duterte said to our source.
Supporters suggesting that anyone who wants to watch the disposal of the illegal drugs needs to wear safety gears because of the hazardous smoke that can be inhaled by the watchers.
Meanwhile, President-Elect Rody Duterte offers 3M Pesos bounty for drug lord and they may arrest them dead or alive.