Thursday, March 16, 2017

TRENDING: Lola in Quezon Has a Twin Snake!


Lola Conchita Elcabo is a living myth in Macalelon, Quezon. This is because she can treat people who are bitten by animals. 

Kap. Epitacio Ayangco testified to the healing powers of Lola Conching when he retold a patient's story. 

One woman was bitten by a snake and was left in a horrible state. People thought she was going to die until she came to Lola Conching. The old lady allegedly sucked all the venom out of the woman's body and she was healed. 

Locals also know the story of Lola Conching's birth in April 1915. She was said to be born in an isolated place located in Dolores, Eastern Samar with a twin that is a snake.

Alicia Peregrine, Lola Conching's daughter, shared her mother's mysterious past. She said that their grandparents thought that the snake was luck to their family.

Lola Conching herself recalled that her mother, during pregnancy, was always glad to see snakes. She thought this was the reason she had a twin snake.

Alicia said that she really saw the twin of her mother. They even gave it a name, "Juanda." She describes it with a human-like face, no hair, and a clean head.

When a storm hit Samar, Juanda was taken away by the raging floods that led to her death. Since then, Lola Conching had an attachment to snakes. 

Kap. Ayangco said he once saw snakes lurking around the old lady's house. 

Timoteo Artal, Lola Conching's second husband, shared that every once in a while they are visited by one or two snakes. 

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