Sunday, March 5, 2017

VIDEO ► This Girl Was Just Having Fun Posing Live Until This Happened!

Streaming or recording live videos on social media has been a trend in the recent years. With the introduction of Facebook Live, Instagram Stories, Periscope and Snapchat, sharing life events with your friends has never been easier. 

It seems that sharing and interacting with friends near and far has become a daily routine in our lives. We love to see their reactions, read their comments, and gain likes if not hearts

Yet at times, there are some users who go overboard. They share even the most insignificant parts of their day. Surely, a number of users get irked when they see someone going live just to show that he or she is walking, or smiling, or making funny faces. 

Then there are the other times, when we encounter the unexpected. Like this girl, as of this writing she already has over a million views. Want to know why? See it for yourself.

Source: Chismix, Youtube