Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Two Men Who Tried To Rape Female Martial Arts Champion But they failed, it end Up In Coma!


Two men armed with knives had tried to attack a lone woman driving back from Penampang in Sabah but the situation took a turn for the unexpected.


According to a posting on Kelab Info Malaysia Facebook page, the victim said she felt she was being followed by two men on a motorcycle. Subsequently she pulled over to let them pass but instead they stopped and told her to roll  down her car window.

At this point, the woman, identified as 20-year-old Alice Lien Hua who was alone did something unexpected. She alighted from the safety of her locked car and faced the two men who were armed with knives.


According to Alice, the men demanded for money and when she couldn’t produce any, one man tried to drag her into the bushes while another headed for her car to grab her bag.
From that life-threatening situation, the woman somehow gained the upper hand and not only fought off her attackers but managed to injure them so badly, that they are now lying in coma in the hospital.

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