Thursday, March 9, 2017

WATCH ► Cristine Reyes Got Kicked in the Head by Arci Muñoz.

Cristine Reyes has made quite a stir on social media after pictures of her with a pretty serious bruise on her eyelid went viral.

The sports Anchor from ABS-CBN, Dyan Castillejo, shared the following photos of Cristine's bruised face.

Cristine Reyes Got Kicked in the Head by Arci Muñoz.

It all happened during the taping of ABS-CBN's newest reality show called 'I Can Do That'. The show is based on celebrities going through different challenges and stunts with unique tricks to win prizes.

During a dance routine with Arci Muñoz, the two actresses misstepped and Cristine received an accidental kick to her face.

Cristine had this to say about what happened:

"We were doing a dance routine with Arci and there is [SIC] a position kasi where she has to kick backwards[,] so ako 'yung nasa back niya.  I was about to go down[,] and she's about to kick, so its [SIC] double impact.  Iyon ang nangyari,"

After Arci accidentally kicked her dance partner she immediately apologized.  Cristine is sure that it was a complete accident and holds no ill will toward Arci.

Everyone's excited to watch all the different celebrities that will appear on 'I Can Do That'.  Fans can watch Alex Gonzaga and Robi Domingo host stars in different challenges for the first time this weekend.