Sunday, March 5, 2017

WATCH ►Extremely intoxicated woman passes out on street, “abused” by stranger instead of helping!

Woman cannot hold her liquor and became extremely drunk. She passes out on the street. Instead of helping, a man “abused” her.

It is often said that not to get too drunk because of many unpleasant consequences that might happen. Not only it affects the health but drunk people are highly prone to accidents. Women are often taken advantage by perverted men when drunk because they are too vulnerable. They end up sexually assaulted which is the case of this Chinese woman. She was molested by a stranger after she passed out.

A man approached the drunk woman sitting in front of Good Café at Nanyang City, China. Instead of helping the poor, unconscious woman, he put his fingers on her private parts and molested her.

A passerby witnessed what happened but instead of intervening by calling the police, the passerby took out his mobile phone and just photographed the whole scene. The photos ended up circulating on social media.


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