Thursday, March 9, 2017

Watch: Foreigner acts as a homeless in the Philippines. What happened next was indeed shocking!

We all have seen numerous videos about the jaw-dropping islands of the Philippines that were personally made and posted by different people with different nationalities. 

But then, another foreigner tries to make another video in the Philippines. But this time, it's quite different. 

In this video, you won't be able to see mesmerizing nature and sceneries because this video is much more beautiful than that! This video has a much deeper message that can make anyone fall in love with the Philippines

Everyday, he releases a one-minute video clip that could really give you something surprising. 

The video came with a caption: "Almost every video I saw about the Philippine was about the islands. That's too shallow and easy. So, I wanted to visit this country to make the best video in this country. And I think this is it,"

"You won't see pretty girls om beaches in this video. You will see the real Philippines that I so fell in love with."

"To show you how generous people are, I loved on $0.00 for a day." 

"To show you how cheap the place can be, we threw a party for the entire village." 

"To shed more light on poverty, we bought 1,000 burgers to feed people."

"This is my best video to date made in my6l favorite country to dafe. I hope you enjoy watching like I enjoyed making."


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