Saturday, March 4, 2017

WATCH ► How This Woman Turns The Tide On Her Attacker. Learn About it Here

Everyday a lot of women are subjected to harassment and bullying. Some can be as simple and offensive as catcalls from across the street, while others are as violent as someone trying to take advantage of them sexually

It is high time that women learn to protect themselves through some form of self-defense techniques. After all, in times of grave danger, your life counts on how willing you are to fight for it. 

The self-defense technique featured in this video is borrowed from the martial art known as jujitsu, invented in Japan (and some say, mastered in Brazil). 

It is simple, yet effective. When in a compromised situation, just go along with the perpetrator, let him think that you're defenseless and at the right moment Bam! Press your forearm into his throat from while squeezing his torso with your legs, then roll him over and continue to choke him out from above. Either the lack of airflow through his esophagus or blood through his carotid arteries will render him unconscious. 

Keep in mind, the woman in the video, Shannon "One Shin" Wiratchai is a highly trained MMA fighter.  The moves she uses in the video are moves that she knows in her sleep.  If you were going to defend yourself, as a non-practitioner of Jujitsu, you’re probably better off staying on your feet, maximizing damage to vulnerable areas through violence of action, disengaging and fleeing as quickly as possible.