Tuesday, March 21, 2017

WATCH ► US Senator Urges Other Nations to Respect Duterte Because Filipinos Know More of What Their Own Country Needs

Although some experts say that the Philippines has a worsening international image, this American lawmaker proved that he can see what others cannot. 

Virginia State Senator Richard Black showed that he supports President Rodrigo Duterte's leadership. This was apparent during his interview with Executive Intelligence Review Asia expert Mike Billington

The topic of the interview is the Philippines and its security status. In the interview, Black said that he is an ally of the new administration's efforts, saying that other nationalities and international organization should let the Philippine government lead on its own, as it is elected by the Filipino people and thus knows what it is doing. 

He claimed that Duterte was able to fix Davao City and eradicate lawlessness and crimes during his term in the office.

He also showed admiration for Duterte's war on drugs and even shared that America should learn from the Philippines in how it is battling its drug problem. 

Lastly, he claiming that losing an alliance with the Philippines is a big setback for the US. He added that the US' condemnation of the war on drugs led to the Philippines' leaning towards China, who offered assistance.


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