Thursday, March 30, 2017

WATCH ► You Will Not Believe What This Man Did to this Drunk Girl Passed out on the Couch!

One of the most common situations that happen before a woman is raped is when she passes out on the floor or on the couch, absolutely drunk. 

This typical scenario happens a lot in parties, where females heavily get drunk to the point that they could no longer figure out what happens to them or to their own surroundings.

The Telegraph reported that a retiring judge, Lindsay Kushner QC, gave a statement to girls after jailing a man for six years due to raping a drunken girl he met in a restaurant.

According to her, "Girls are perfectly entitled to drink themselves into the ground but should be aware people who are potential defendants to rape, gravitate towards girls who have been drinking.” 

She continued, “It should not be like that but it does happen and we see it time and time again."

The source said that Kusher believes men do it because "a girl who is drunk is more likely to agree as they are more disinhibited" and are "less likely to fight a man with evil intentions off.” 

The retiring judge added, “They are entitled to do what they like but please be aware there are men out there who gravitate towards a woman who might be more vulnerable than others.”

“That's my final line, in my final criminal trial, and my final sentence,” she continued. 

Due to these kinds of incidents, YouTube user Samantha Stendal uploaded a video which showed a man demonstrating what they should do if ever they encounter a girl who has passed out because of heavy drinking. 

See the footage below: