Sunday, April 16, 2017

Duterte News: Philippines deserves salvation from drugs, crime, corruption! Duterte’s Easter message:

President Rodrigo Duterte is joining the Christian world in celebration of the resurrection of Jesus Christ. He said that the nation deserves salvation from illegal drugs, crime, and corruption.
The President is on the last leg of his week-long visit to three Middle East countries.
“The story of the Risen Christ on Easter Sunday is a message of perseverance and faith in the grief of Black Saturday,” he said in his Easter Sunday message.
He said this “should inspire us to achieve our collective aspirations through our unwavering devotion.”
“May this occasion be a reminder to Filipinos that our country deserves salvation from drugs, criminality and corruption that have long plagued this nation and that our people will rise and triumph over society’s ills,” President Duterte said.
He also appealed to “let the promise of Easter be our guide as we build a progressive, inclusive and independent nation—where government and people work together to attain peace, justice, safety and security for all.”