Thursday, April 13, 2017

PH Beauty: Two of the Philippines' Islands Hailed As the Friendliest In The World!

Years have passed, and Filipinos are still considered to be one of the most friendliest people to ever walk the planet. 

This trait has been seen as advantageous as we use it to fully utilize and encourage tourists to know more about us by visiting our country. 

Indeed, our hospitality and warmth made our country home to the top two of the world's friendliest islands by a New York based travel magazine, T+L( Travel and Leisure)

The two cities are Palawan and Cebu, ranked one and two, respectively. According to the respondents, despite the troubling political scenario here in our country, our countrymen remain friendly, warm, and welcoming to the tourists who visit.

According to them, it is also a big advantage that English is considered one of the country's official languages. This allows the locals to communicate efficiently with foreigners. 

The criteria that T+L used include the friendliness and warmth of the islands' locals. 

Add to that the natural beauty of our archipelago. 

Palawan, after all, houses the Tubattaha Reef, considered one of the 8 new wonders of the world. Meanwhile, Cebu is a historically rich city where you can find the Cross of Magellan. 

Hopefully, the rankings released by the travel magazine will help boost our economy as tourism is a major contributor to our economic growth. 

What can you say about the rankings released by T+L? Do you agree that Palawan and Cebu are the friendliest places on Earth? Let us know in the comments section!


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