Wednesday, April 12, 2017

PH NEWS ► In Northern Samar 5 Siblings Drown In A River

A family is a team at all times. When one gets in danger, the rest try their best to rescue them despite the challenges they have to face in the process.

All five siblings drowned together last Monday afternoon in a river located in Brgy. Doña Anecita, Pambujan Northern Samar. 

PH NEWS ► In Northern Samar 5 Siblings Drown In A River

They were identified as follows:  Janella Suansing, 10-years-old, John Cedric Suansing, 7, Johnprix Suansing, 5, John Jossel Galliardo, 3, and John Felix Galliardo, 2.

According to the report of SPO1 Leo Mejos of the Pambujan Northern Samar Municipal Police Station, they are looking at an angle that reveals that the the youngest fell into the river and the rest tried to save him without knowing how deep the river was.

In an interview with the kids' parents, they shared that their children asked for their permission to swim in the river but they initially disapproved.

It was in a sunny afternoon that authorities found the floating corpses of the kids. They were declared dead on arrival when they were rushed to  St. Scholastica's Hospital.

Their remains are currently in a church in Brgy. Doña Anecita.

Remember if you are ever in a situation when someone is drowning your last resort should be to physically swim and save them yourself. This will often result in both of you drowning due to the one drowning's panic. 

Always try to reach them with a rescue line or some sort of flotation device.  If those are unavailable and you are a capable swimmer you can swim out to them and punch them in the face to bring them to their senses and bring them ashore.

PH NEWS ► In Northern Samar 5 Siblings Drown In A River

If you and your friends are not capable swimmers don't go swimming in places that do not have professional lifeguards on duty.

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