Wednesday, April 26, 2017

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Stunning Reasons Why You Should Make Love With Your Partner Everyday!

When we make love with our partner, there is only one thing on our mind—pleasure. Turns out, s*x has more to offer other than this. Multiple studies have revealed that daily s*xual intercourse can boost our physical, mental and emotional well-being. Read on to find out how.

1. Prolongs your lifespan. “An orgasm a day keeps the doctor away.” This is according to an Australian research published in the British Medical Journal, saying that one orgasm daily leads to 50% less chance of dying due to medical causes.

2. Reduces blood pressure and stress. A 2005 research claims that couples or people who engage in penile-vaginal coitus had lower hypertension and stress. Intimate touching and cuddling can also reduce stress-producing hormones in our body.

3. Keeps you young and aglow. Scottish researcher and clinical neuropsychologist David Weeks conducted a study wherein 3500 European and American women and men’s ages were guessed but found out later on that their right ages where actually seven to twelve years older and reported that these people have s*x thrice a week, major factor why they look youthful. Estrogen is produced during s*x and it helps get rid of wrinkles, plus the skin is regenerated which makes the skin glow. However, according to Weeks, it’s the ‘loving’ s*x that makes it more effective.

4. Less menstrual pain. Great news, ladies! A New York research in 2007 discovered that 9% among 1900 women, masturbation to ease menstrual cramps is proven effective. 

5. Less chance of prostate cancer. Gentlemen, read on! Men who more ejaculate often have a 22% lower risk of having prostate cancer, according to a Harvard Medical School research. Moreover, three-time increase of ejaculation per week comes with 15% decrease of risk from the disease.

Stunning Reasons Why You Should Make Love With Your Partner Everyday!

6. Best way to workout. Thirty minutes of s*x can burn calories and fat. It makes your cardio health, legs, and hip stronger. Likewise, those who are active in physical exercise such as aerobics have an increased s*xual intercourse, improved s*xual performance, and a more ‘satisfying’ orgasm.

7. Intelligence booster. Studies conducted separately at University of Maryland and Konkuk University found that s*x improves cognitive performance and increases neurogenesis, where long-term memories are stored. The research was tested into mice and rats.

8. Goodbye to flu. Who would’ve thought that s*x can alleviate the risk of getting colds and headaches? Researchers at Wilkes University in Pennsylvania said so. They discovered that love making releases immunoglobulin A, or the antibody that halts flu from entering our system.

9. Enhances fertility. And if you’re trying to conceive, just keep doing it! Studies have shown that frequent s*x can enhance fertility. S*xual activity for four times a week or more can result to an 80 percent increase of conceiving. Even men are affected because regular s*x improves quality sperm motility.

To conclude, s*x takes us away from getting sick, adds our lifespan, makes us feel good, and improves our brain function. What more can you ask for?

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