Sunday, April 30, 2017

UNBELIEVABLE ► This two sweet couple doing unbelievable moves in front of Church was caught! Watch!

The act was caught using a smartphone. The footage also showed a number of passers-by in the area. 

In the video, the girl can be shown sitting on the guy’s lap while both of them kiss each other. The guy’s hands obviously made its way onto the girl’s private parts. The girl quickly moved his hand away for fear of getting caught

But the guy didn’t give up so he pulled the girl close to him. That’s when the girl decided to sit on his lap again. She then proceeded to rock back and forth, mimicking the movements that one would make when making love

Unfortunately for the both of them, they were in a public place so they weren’t able to do more than just feel each other and kiss in public.

What’s funnier than the couple’s act was the commentary of the two people who were filming them. They seemed to have had a blast.