Sunday, April 9, 2017

WATCH: This is insane! Woman had a 'period explosion' in the middle of a busy street in London!

We couldn't deny the fact that period is such a controversial subject for men and women. Most men hate talking about it while some women doesn't like having periods.

But then, one should understand that periods are natural and is a part of being a woman. 

Recently, women have been unfairly taxed each and every month under the guise of tampons being a luxury item

Now, there's this prank video that will show everyone that periods aren't luxury! This will open your eyes and your mind to the fact that periods are no joke

In this prank, a woman as asked to fake a 'period explosion' where she bursted fake blood in the streets while screaming that she's cramping up.

She emphasized in the video that women are lucky for not going through period every month. 

"See, you men don’t have to go through this! You men are so lucky. You’re not like us women, we have to go through this every month," she wailed.

Despite her condition, only one person helped her.