Sunday, April 16, 2017


President Rodrigo Duterte on Thursday continued his tirades against ABS-CBN and the Philippine Daily Inquirer, media companies which he accused of giving unfair coverage to his administration.
In an interview at the Western Command (WESCOM) in Camp General Artemio Ricarte in Puerto Princesa City in Palawan, Duterte said the TV network failed to air a campaign ad that he paid for during the 2016 presidential campaign.
He also trained his guns at the broadsheet, saying its owners also owed the government taxes through a popular chain of donut shops.
GMA News Online has already sought comments from ABS-CBN and the Inquirer as regards Duterte's allegations.
“P— inang mga oligarchs na iyan. Alam mo ba iyang ABS-CBN? Nagbayad ako kasi nga nagkapera ako noong last days na lumakas na ang survey. I was hitting 32 so everybody was giving me money… Nagbili ako ng propaganda time," Duterte said.
"Alam mo iyang p— inang ABS-CBN na iyan, tinanggap nila ang pera ko, Doris, they never showed my—and hanggang ngayon, wala man lang offer to reimburse or to return the money,” he told an ABS-CBN reporter who was about to ask him a question.
“Ganoon ka walang hiyang mga p— inang oligarchs na iyan. Totoo. Ikaw, tawagan mo sila ngayon. Okay lang iyan. Tinanggap ang pera ko, hindi naman pinalabas ang short propaganda na nabili ko kasi baka makatulong,” Duterte said.
Duterte also slammed ABS-CBN for continuing to air an ad against him, which Senator Antonio Trillanes IV paid for. The ad showed children, which Duterte said was against the law.
“At instead iyong may TRO [temporary restraining order] na sinabi ng court na do not show it, iyong mga bata na ginamit ni Trillanes, which is really against the law… That’s child abuse. That’s why there was a TRO. Only ABS-CBN ang hindi naniwala,” he said.
Duterte also had fresh rants against the daily broadsheet Philippine Daily Inquirer, which he often described as "garbage."
“Inquirer ang may-ari ng Dunkin Donuts, alam mo ba iyan? At may utang iyan silang taxes. Inayos ni Kim Henares, walang binayad. Kung may binayad, kaunti lang,” he said referring to the former Bureau of Internal Revenue commissioner.
“Ang Inquirer may utang iyan... Kaya Monday I will give—not only Inquirer—I will give them a deadline. I need money to run this country. I need money to build houses,” he added.