Thursday, May 4, 2017

Controversial: What Ellen Adarna Has to Say Towards Her Bashers!

  • Ellen Meriam Go Adarna is a Filipino actress and model.

  • A Gravure model, Adarna has appeared in various magazine covers in the Philippines,
 Such as Candy, FHM, Esquire, UNO, Preview, Speed and Women’s Health. As one of the hottest and famous celebrities of ABS CBN, Ellen became one of the stars in a sexy telenovela Pasion de Amor.

In one of her interview in Esquire, she admitted that she’s willing to strip in photoshoots. She doesn’t care what will other people say or think. In her opinion they are just people who don’t know her and doesn’t deserve of her attention.

She also stated her relationship to her Dad, “Me and my Dad had a falling out, I just decided to ran away from home. I just said F*ck you out, I’m leaving!” She was also asked “Why are you willing to strip?” Her answer is “I really don’t care. That’s the thing about me. I really don’t care.”

Many netizens think that Ellen is cheap and flirt. On the other side, she was seen as independent and strong woman. But she has a message for those people calling her whore, slut and flirt. Watch the video and see it for yourself.


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