Thursday, May 4, 2017

Heartbreaking: Poor Grandma Forced to Sit at the Edge of a Jeepney!

No matter what the situation is, paying respect to our elders should always be at the top of our list of priorities.

Old people are frail and typically lack the capaciy to perform everyday tasks the way we young people do.

"This broke my heart more than a break up." wrote the Facebook page Library of Most Controversial Files who posted the photo of an old woman seated at the edge of a jeepney.

Heartbreaking: Poor Grandma Forced to Sit at the Edge of a Jeepney!

Inside the vehicle, young passengers were seated comfortably.

The old woman was sitting alone at the back despite the many dangers she may have faced.

The photo has elicited various reactions from the online community, some noted that at some point the elderly woman might have insisted on sitting outside.

"Kasi pag puno na wag nang magpumilit. Di naman sa walang nagmamalasakit pero kasi nga puno na po tlga bawal na ang sumabit sa jip. Other people mistakes make other people seem cruel," wrote Carlo Francisco Mata.

Although the old woman might have willingly chosen to sit at the back due to the limited number of  seats, many netizens were still enraged due to the photo, saying nothing could have justified the incident.

"Kawawa namn si lola, (kesyo nagpumilit sya o hindi we still have to prioritize dahil tayo ang mas nakakaintindi. Tatanda din tayong lahat. Remember that. At isipin nyo kung nanay or lola nyo sya, nagmamadali sya or baka rush hour yan diba. Lawakan pa natin ng onti," said Lorraine Catiish.

"Maybe some people can't seem to figure out what's wrong with this, but for those people who value the elderlies so much? I think the caption make sense. I mean I know there are two sides of a coin, still to me something is wrong with the picture," Kizza Go commented.

What about you, dear readers? What do you think should have happened? Let your voices be heard in the comments section!