Friday, May 12, 2017

LOOK: A picture of a police officer seemingly urinating in public went viral.

  • It was met with disdain from netizens and was even investigated internally.
  • The man who took the picture spoke up and said this.
Washing. His. Hands. The jury is out, the viral photo featuring a police officer seemingly urinated in a flower pot has just been debunked.

Apparently, it was taken by a netizen named Luis Liwanag. He said that he eventually took down the photo that he posted but it had already gone viral at that point. A group in Cebu even claimed it as their own.

via Facebook
He said it himself, he took the picture after the police officer finished eating his lunch and then got up to wash his hands. He also said that the picture was taken along the streets of Baclaran back in December of 2016.

The unsuspecting police officer caught the ire of netizens as they thought that he was urinating in public.


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