Sunday, May 21, 2017

Raffy Tulfo Walks Out and He Cried in His Program After Hearing This

Mother’s day just passed by recently, and a lot of children celebrated this very special day with their moms. This is that one day in the year that we celebrate and give thanks to our mothers who gave all sacrifices for their family and their children. So they really deserve all the utmost gratitude for their entire lives. But it seems that not every children are happy and thankful for their moms. A lot of sons and daughters are considered “prodigals” as they did not give value to their parents who are there to always support them.

Just like the mother who approached the radio station of Raffy Tulfo, seeking for help for her son that ran away from their home. Edna Dingal, cried out for help because her son ran away. She now wants for him to be back home. Apparently, reaching out to her son named Ewu Joseph Kenneth Dingal, he didn’t seem to care for his mother at all. According to him, he was banished by his own mother and he had no plans of going back anymore despite the begging of his mother. Edna said that she didn’t want to banish her own child, it was the landlady of their home that wanted him out because of his bad attitude towards his own mother. The 20-year-old son being complained about appears to be someone who is not respectful of his mother. Joseph even called his mother a “good-for-nothing” and that he also said that “You’re not my mother! I don’t have a mother anymore! You are nothing!”. This is because Edna had spent half of her life abroad, working to provide a better life for Joseph. Which in return, the efforts were not appreciated by her son. The spiteful words he threw towards his mom is humiliating and dehumanizing. Edna even told Tulfo that Joseph even shames her in front of his friends at school. She also said that Joseph doesn’t even say “I love you” to her or even greet her a “Happy birthday” and “happy mother’s day”. The son seems to be prioritizing his girlfriend’s mother. He can leave also his mother at home without money to buy something to eat. While they were eating out on a fancy restaurant, his mother is starving at home.

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