Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Read : Three Unexpected Side Effects of Masturbation For Men And Women


Masturbation is an activity few talk about but in which many partake. Despite being taboo in many parts of the world, history tells us that masturbation has been around pretty much forever, and it’s not going away anytime soon. We know the most obvious side effect of masturbation (it feels good), but few realize that the pastime can have many other side effects, both good and bad.

Stress and Pain Relief

Masturbating, like any sexual activity, releases endorphins, chemicals in our body that promote a sense of happiness and can relieve stress, Best Health Mag reported.

“In both men and women it [masturbation] provides release of stress, a time to commune with oneself (taking stock of one’s emotional state and needs), and for some even the possibility of greater self-awareness or insight,” Dr. Jordan Tishler, of, a Harvard physician who focuses on human sexuality, told Medical Daily in a recent email.


In addition, the calming effects of masturbation can also help you sleep better, and can even reduce the pain associated with menstruation and postmenopausal intercourse.

“It causes more blood flow to the pelvic region, which hastens periods and decreases pain,” Dr. Sandra LaMorgese PhD, author of Switch: Time for a Change, and an expert in sexual intimacy, told Medical Daily. “For postmenopausal women,a narrowing of the vagina can make pelvic exams and intercourse painful, but masturbation, particularly with a water-based lubricant, increases blood flow to the sex organs.”

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