Saturday, May 13, 2017

This Boy Put's Hidden Camera In His Mother’s Room. He Discovered Unbelievable!


Mothers are sacrificing a lot for their children, so when they are all grown up, they should also take care of their mothers. We can call that ‘returning the favour’. But also, besides everything, you will always love and care about your mom, no matter how old are you.

You will always want the best for her. When you see that she is in pain, you will feel bad too, but if you see that someone is torturing her, how will you feel then? In this article, we are going to show you how a son discovers that his mom has been tortuted by stuff in a nursing home.

The man is named Camille Parent, and his mom needed additional care, so he decided to take his mother in a nursing home, because he had to go to work and he does not have free time to take care about her.

He thought that by taking her there, it will be the best thing for her, as she will recieve the needed care. the nursing home was in Peterborough, Ontario. After some period from being there, he noticed that his mother  had bruises and scratches on her face. First, he thought that maybe some other patients have done that to her, and he complained to the nursing home. Then he decided to install hidden digital cameras in her room. What he saw after that, was shocking.


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