Monday, May 8, 2017

This Girlfriend Try to Pretend to Cheat His BF and He's Bf Got Out A Knife!


YouTuber Leeshababii recently uploaded a video of a prank she played on her fellow YouTube user and real-life boyfriend Kwesi Bouie.

It was the run of the mill cheating prank but she build up to the suspense.

The clip shows Leeshababii explaining the prank she is about to do. Since her boyfriend went out, she decided to act as if she was cheating on him by using a foam dummy set up on the bed, with a photo print out of the first handsome man’s face she could find online, and a voice recording of a man’s voice.

Once she set everything up, she called Kwesi to check where he is. Once he arrived and saw that his girlfriend was making out with an unknown man, he walked out of the room. But a few moments later though, he went back inside this time holding a knife.