Monday, May 8, 2017

This Man Asked and Complains That His Partner V*g*na Has A Bad Odor!


One cannot deny that a necessary component of a healthy relationship is s*xual activity. But what happens if your partner lacks interest in intercourse because you emit a foul odor from your privates?

This is the unfortunate case featured in an episode of Raffy Tulfo’s ‘Sintomas I-Text Mo’. The unidentified texter complained about losing enthusiasm in making love to his girlfriend because he claimed that he could not concentrate due to the foul odor her v*gina produced. 

Raffy Tulfo then consulted medical expert Dr. Gary Sy on the situation. 


Dr. Sy explained that the foul odor may come from v*ginal bacteria. He suggested that his girlfriend should see an OB-GYN immediately. He also added that this kind of infection may be caused by “hormonal cycle, spicy food, or too much washing’. 

Too much washing of the v*gina could remove its natural odor, causing bacteria to accumulate. 

He also provided some tips on how to remove or at least reduce the v*gina’s foul odor:
- baking soda mixed with warm water as feminine wash
- a cap full of white vinegar mixed with 2-3 cups of water as feminine wash
- rubbing yogurt on the private part to enhance good bacteria
- washing with plain warm water
- cleaning immediately after sexual intercourse


Dr. Sy tips were useful but it is always more advisable to consult a medical professional directly through a personal check up.

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