Thursday, May 4, 2017

Female Customer Goes Down On A Waiter As A Tip At This Particular Restaurant!

Eating out at a restaurant is pretty expensive. For one, you have to pay a huge amount for the food (depending on where you will eat), and you have to give the server a tip for all his or her efforts in making sure that you are well-fed and comfortable.
But what if you suddenly realize that you don’t have enough money, after all, to pay for all the delicious food you just ate?
There are certain incidents where the customer is made to wash the dishes but one girl who ran into the same incident thought of something more creative to pay for the bill.
One girl who decided do dine at the popular American fast food chain Denny’s with her friends came up with the idea of giving their waiter a tip in exchange for the unpaid food. However, the girl did not offer money to the server. Instead, she proposed to give him her services, and by services, we mean a bl*wj*b.
If you think the girl was kidding, think again. Not only did she give the waiter a bl*wjob, but she gave it to him on the spot, in the middle of the restaurant, with other people around to see them.
The worst part is, the entire incident was caught on cam by her friends.

First, she approaches the waiter who was waiting for the girl to tell him that it was all a joke.
Next, she held his pants and slowly unzipped it.
It wasn’t until she kneeled when the waiter started to believe the female diner.Of course, the waiter did not object to what the girl was about to do.

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