Tuesday, May 2, 2017

WATCH: Enraged Woman Uploads A Video Of A Perverted Policeman Online! "Pulis Ka Pa Man Din Pagod Na Pagod Na Ko Sa Trabaho Tapos Mamanyakin Mo Ko!"

Warning: The following video may contain strong language and themes unsuitable for minors. Viewer discretion is advised.  

The person who wrote the post, presumably the same lady who took the video, shared that she caught the man red-handed touching her left breast. Feeling disgusted with this pervert, the woman slapped him around and demanded the man leave the bus. 

A post shared by the Facebook page “Matalinong Matsing” has trended – showing an alleged police officer who sexually harassed a fellow passenger while riding a bus. The post asked netizens to identify the man who classified himself a police officer.

The accused was smiling the whole time. 

The post served as a warning to all other female passengers who may be riding towards the NAIC TANZA.

The woman who wrote this post later found out that the “police officer” may have been a bogus cop – because he had no uniform and had a bogus badge. 

The same post also clarified that the woman did not dress skimpily or suggestively. 

Watch the video of their confrontation here!

Absolutely disgusting – police officer or not, this man should be ashamed of himself! 

Remember that women should be treated with respect – no matter what the circumstances or what they wear!

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