Friday, May 5, 2017

WATCH ► This Guy Begged Her Girlfriend Not to Leave Her on the Streets!

Handling a 
relationship is never easy. Time will come when your relationship will be put into test. However, not all relationships pass this test. Many also fail, putting the relationship 
to an end.

WATCH ► This Guy Begged Her Girlfriend Not to Leave Her on the Streets!

Some people can handle breakups discreetly. These are the types of people who sit alone and cry without anyone knowing. Some also needed someone to talk to about it. For them, it is easier to move on if you let your sufferings out. There are also some people who find it hard to break up with their partners, like this man in this story.

In the video, we will see that the man had a tight grip on the woman’s leg. The man was also able to drag the woman’s shoes, thus taking it off. It can be seen on the video that the man was desperately begging for her girlfriend not to break up with him. He was even lying down on the streets already just to make the woman stay. 


The passersbys had nothing to do but to stare at the man. It took him enough courage to embarrass himself in front of many people in hopes that he can still save their relationship. However, it no longer worked as the woman was already decided in leaving them and ending their bond.

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