Friday, June 16, 2017

Unable To Do 'Hilot' To Her Neighbor, Old Woman's Eyes Were Removed

Woman's Eyes Taken Off Because Of Failing To Perform 'Hilot' To Her Neighbor! SHOCKING!

Everyone needs to relax every now and then. Sometimes, a massage does the trick as it is one of the best ways to release tension from the body. However, this viral is the furthest thing from relaxing. Reportedly, a man removed an elderly massage therapist’s eyes after she refused to give him a massage!

According to a report by news program 24 Oras, a man named Manuel Sumalpong went to the house of 79-year-old Faustina Gelay in Barangay Sawang Calero. Apparently, the elderly massage therapist refused to offer her services because she wasn’t feeling well at the time. Because of this refusal, Sumalpong became agitated and attacked the old woman. He even tried removing her eyes!

Walter Jayson, the victim’s grandchild, described how he saw his grandmother early in the morning after the attack. He said:

“Ayun si Ma Tenang, nakahiga. Pinatayo naming lumalabas na and mata dito. Natanggal, Nakalawit and isa.”

Fortunately, the authorities responded as quickly as they could and immediately carried out an operation to apprehend Sumalpong. The suspect was eventually tracked down and arrested in the Taboan wet market where he resisted arrest.

According to the citizens in the area, they became infuriated when they found out what the suspect did and tried to help the authorities capture the man by catching him and giving him a beating. The suspect suffered cuts on his head and he is now in the hospital seeking medical attention. The police said that Sumalpong will be facing charges of serious physical injury for his horrible actions.

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