About Us

We WBP-WeBlogPh  is a website that gives reliable information about the trending topics in showbiz, news, entertainment and the latest happening all over the world. We give out truthful facts and fun filled.

WBP-WeBlogPh, will always be about the truth behind a story.
We are bound to provide enough knowledge to our readers that we could gather on what is happening inside and out of the Country.

It is our Responsibility to deliver reliable articles and avoid false information. 
Our site obligates the writers to have wisdom and put passion to their work. 
Thus, expect WBP-WeBlogPh to occur in this website.

We also offer a variety of web-only content, including blogs, debates and that each week readers in all country get a few extra pages devoted to World News and Philippines news.

WBP-WeBlogPh approach to news is as unique as our generation. Young people will define the future and we deserve a news outlet that offers quality coverage tailored to us. We are hungry for news that keeps us informed and helps us make sense of the world.
WBP-WeBlogPh was founded in 2016 by MasterAxl under the shared belief that millennials are inquisitive, have a healthy skepticism for conventional wisdom, and crave substantive news to spark interesting conversations. This sensibility informs everything we do.

We’ve since built a rockstar team of editors, reporters, producers, designers and engineers. All of us believe that stories and information have the power to shape the world, especially when they challenge traditional narratives. We are now reporting original stories, publishing smart analysis and producing high-quality videos for an audience.